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Save time and reduce costs

Save time and reduce costs.
You have access to specialists without having to hire them.
When we deal with formal matters, you have time to develop your company.

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We know, You as an entrepreneur, have much more important things to do than dealing with accounting. Our team of qualified experts take care about your accounting.

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We exist so that you can grow your business.

Working with us, you can focus on what is most important, because we take over from you the duties related to all accounting, tax and HR&payroll matters.

The Back-Up Accounting Office provides comprehensive services for enterprises, including accounting, tax and HR and payroll services. Despite our rich experience, we do not cease to expand and update our knowledge, constantly improving the quality of our services.

Our office offers its services to clients of various organizational forms: natural persons conducting business activity, civil partnership, general partnership, limited partnership, joint-stock company, foundation, limited liability company. (both with domestic and foreign capital).

Our goal is to provide our clients with professional and reliable accounting, HR and payroll services, understanding the needs and help in choosing the optimal solutions best for your business.

Our offer, regardless of the scope of your company's service, always includes:

- individual approach - every client has his accountant and human resources supervisor, to whom he has free telephone and e-mail access for advice,

- reliable performance of the duties entrusted to us, speed and timeliness service, we provide stable and smooth accounting and HR services. We try to absorb as little of your time as possible,

- we are representing the Customer towards all review bodies [Tax Office, Social Security (ZUS), PIP], relieving of troublesome formal matters,

- we always inform the client about important changes that relate to him in the field of accounting, HR and payroll services.

Lewe zdjęcie

Certificate of the Ministry

The Back-Up Accounting Office has the license of the Minister of Finance No. 42476/2010 authorizing to provide bookkeeping services.

Prawe zdjęcie

Insurance of Property

The Office bears full responsibility for the services provided. We have a civil liability insurance policy in PZU S.A. for the total amount of PLN 380 000.

Accounting outsourcing

Accounting outsourcing

Thanks to this, you can save and focus on what is really important.

The transfer of accounting services allows you to reduce costs (according to Rödl & Partner calculations, it saves about 20-50% in relation to the total costs of internal accounting), additionally, you can count the fee for our services in full as business costs.

You can fully concentrate on your core business, saving you time and being sure that everything will be done properly, because everything will be dealt with by qualified specialists who will take away criminal and civil liability regarding accounting errors.

Preparing declarations and notifications for the Tax Office (CIT, PIT, VAT, NIP and others) and ZUS (Social Insurance Institution),

Record keeping for the purposes of VAT settlements, intra-EU transactions,

Records of fixed assets, intangible assets and equipment,

Determining the amount of advances for tax,

Compliance with reporting obligations towards the Central Statistical Office (GUS) and the PFRON,

Preparation of financial statements (balance sheet, profit and loss account, cash flow and others).

Accounting supervision

Accounting supervision

We will take over responsibility for the most important accounting processes.

Accounting supervision is an alternative to conducting accounting services, it assumes monthly verification of the books kept by the client on their own.

It is the optimal solution for companies that need to monitor flows on a regular basis due to the large number of  transactions and need professional support in keeping accounting books.

The main advantage of this type of cooperation is the protection against negative effects of incompatibility with the accounting law.

Verification of accounting records kept by the client in terms of compliance with law regulations,

Verification of accounting processes (correctness of recognition and records),

Assistance in the preparation or preparation of tax declaration, financial statements and statistical reports,

Ongoing reporting of observations, a list of mistakes in assignment and the register of business transactions,

Providing information on accounting and tax regulations,

Consultations during fiscal, tax and social security audits.

HR and payroll outsourcing

HR and payroll outsourcing

Thanks to us, your employees can be sure of their rights, benefits and contributions.

Reliable service allows for keeping good relations with employees. Thanks to our service you will gain access to experienced specialists who will deal with HR and payroll issues.

Our office comprehensively is caring about needs of Customers on time fulfilling all duties associated with employing.The service also includes the submission of all required declarations to the Tax Office, the Social Insurance Institution, the Central Statistical Office and the PFRON.

Comprehensive keeping of HR documentation,

Calculating all remuneration, preparing payrolls and other settlement documentation,

Preparation of tax, insurance and statistical declarations

Calculation of public law liabilities related to remuneration,

Calculation of public-law contract related to remuneration,

Creating reports, reports, issuing employee certificates and other documents,

Providing information on labour law regulations.

Additional services

Financial reporting

For our clients, we prepare and develop information on the state of the company using various financial statements. Thanks to this, the company's assets, financial and income situation is always clear.

Tax support

Thanks to the tax full service our Customers don't need to worry about preparing tax declarations, reports or letters to tax offices and control authorities.

Accounting consulting

Thanks to the knowledge and experience, we help our clients solve problems related to accounting and financial reporting.

Protection of personal data

You can be sure that the information and data provided to us is secure, because we operate in accordance with the RODO Directive - Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016.

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Constant service

Constant service

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Company development

Company development

Company development

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